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How attached promotional materials are used at the XR Awards
How attached promotional materials are used at the XR Awards

Utilizing promotional materials at the XR Awards: Thumbnails, Videos, Social Handles, and Key Art for optimal presentation & visibility.

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In the XR Awards, attached promotional materials play a pivotal role in showcasing nominated projects, brands, and companies. These materials not only allow the XR Awards to communicate effectively about the participants but also enhance the visibility and engagement of the event across multiple platforms. Here, we have outlined the various attached promotional materials used at the XR Awards and their specific purposes:


Thumbnails are images that represent your XR project, brand, or company. These are posted by AIXR on various platforms such as social media, websites, and press releases. They are primarily used to create an immediate visual association to your project and capture the viewer's attention.

How to use: Create a high-resolution, visually captivating thumbnail that best represents your project or company. Make sure it adheres to the specified dimensions.

Project Key Art

High-resolution imagery or 'key art' forms an integral part of the print materials at the VR Awards. This includes the book of achievement program, trophies, banners, posters, and more. These images serve to celebrate your project and provide attendees with a lasting visual impression.

Best practices: Supply high-quality, high-resolution images that best represent your project or company. Consider the context in which these images will be used (e.g., printed materials, large banners) and choose images that will look good in these formats.


Videos form an integral part of the internal judging process, allowing judges to get a comprehensive understanding of your project. In some cases, attached trailers of the nominated projects will also be used for finalist videos. These videos are showcased on stage at the XR Awards, allowing the audience to get a glimpse of the XR experiences and innovations they encapsulate.

Best practices: Make sure your videos capture the essence of your project effectively. If you're providing a trailer, ensure it's short, engaging, and gives a comprehensive preview of your XR project.

Social Handles

Social media handles are used to tag your brand or company in posts related to the VR Awards. This provides additional visibility and engagement for your project. Judges also utilize these handles to research and familiarize themselves with your brand and the materials you've published online.

Best practices: Share your active social media handles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). Make sure your social media profiles are updated with your latest projects, achievements, and other relevant information.

Each promotional material plays a crucial role in the XR Awards process and provides a unique opportunity to showcase your project. Make sure to adhere to the provided guidelines for each type of material to ensure optimal presentation and visibility. Remember, these materials represent your project to the judges, the audience, and the world – make them count!

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