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Buying tickets / nominations for the XR Awards by Bank Transfer or Invoice
Buying tickets / nominations for the XR Awards by Bank Transfer or Invoice

Guide on buying XR Awards table tickets via bank transfer. Details on process, info required, and ticket issuance. Ideal for businesses.

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While the AIXR XR Awards primarily promotes card payments for convenience and efficiency, we understand some companies may prefer bank transfers for their purchases.

Please note: Payment by invoice or bank transfer is only available for purchases of tables, sponsorships or high quantity orders. An Admin fee of £45+VAT will be applied to the order.

Please provide the following details:

Ensure your request is made on official company letter headed paper and contains the following mandatory details:

  • Point of contact for billing

  • Email of the contact

  • Direct phone number of the contact (Note: general phone numbers won't be accepted)

  • Company's full legal name

  • Company's trading name (if different)

  • Full registered address of the company

  • Company's TAX ID

  • Official company website

Send Your Request:

Once you've collated all the information, send your request to:

Important Considerations:

  • Availability: This option is available on an exception basis. Tickets or nominations are not reserved during this process.

  • Issuance of Tickets: Tickets and nominations will only be issued once the funds have been received. Given this, card payments remain the quickest method to secure your spot.

  • Exclusivity: The bank transfer option is exclusively available for certain purchases only.

  • Admin Fee: Our systems are largely automated, making a payment via bank transfer is an manual process therefore a a non refundable administration charge of £45+VAT applies

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