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Getting Started with Discord for AIXR Members
Getting Started with Discord for AIXR Members

A quickstart guide for getting setup on discord and using the features correctly.

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Welcome to AIXR's Discord server! Discord is a powerful communication platform that allows you to speak with other AIXR members, engage in discussions, participate in events, and explore various interest groups.

πŸ€” What is discord? Discord is like Microsoft Teams or Slack but for large communities!

This help article will guide you through the process of setting up your Discord account and provide an overview of the server's channels and features.

Quick start:

  • Create a Discord account and join via the link.

  • Explore the recommended channels

  • Message in text channels or join audio channels for video calls

1. Setup Your Discord Account

Click on and accept the invite link provided by AIXR to join their Discord server.

(If you already have a Discord account, log in using your credentials. If not, you can quickly create a new account by following the instructions provided.)

After logging in and accepting the invite: Select your interests and accept the terms and conditions to gain access to the server.

When you first enter you will be on a chat channel called Welcome! After reading the welcome notes go directly to the introduction's channel and write an short introduction to yourself!

Congratulations! πŸ‘ You are now a member of AIXR's Discord community.

2. Join Channels & Interact

Upon entering the AIXR Discord server, you will find several channels organized into different categories. Here's an overview of the main channels you'll encounter:


This section is mainly information and read only. It includes channels such as "Welcome," "Lobby Entry," "Introductions," and "Membership Channels."

  • Welcome channel: Read only and provides important information and guidelines for new members.

  • Lobby Entry: Read only and shows new people joining the server

  • Introductions: A place for you to introduce yourself to the community

  • Membership Read only important information about membership with AIXR.


In the General section, you will find channels like "Roadmap," "General Chat," "Industry News," "Events," "Jobs," and "Stage"

  • Roadmap: Read only and provides updates on AIXR initiatives.

  • General Chat: Open for everyone and has general discussions among members.

  • The Industry News channel is open for everyone and shares the latest news and developments in the XR industry.

  • Events: Open for everyone to post an upcoming events and provides a platform for event-related discussions.

  • Jobs: Open to everyone and is where job opportunities are posted, and the

  • Stage: Where webinar type events are hosted and allows you to participate in live audio discussions and presentations.

Discover / Groups

This section consists of a list of AIXR's special interest groups related to various areas of the industry. These groups offer focused discussions and networking opportunities for members interested in specific topics.

πŸ’‘ Top Tip:

Even after joining the server you can explore all available channels / groups by clicking channels & Roles.

3. Interacting in Group Events

When participating in group events or discussions, it's helpful to familiarize yourself with the following features:

Change Your Name

It's recommended to update your Discord profile name to include your real name or a recognizable username. This helps others identify and connect with you easily.

Click on your profile on the lower left hand side, then click the pencil icon to edit your profile.

Stage Channels

These channels have a live symbol. During events, you may find stage channels. These channels allow speakers or presenters to share audio and video presentations, while attendees can join the chat on the right side of the screen to ask questions or provide feedback.

πŸ’‘ Top Tip:

In the top right hand side of a stage you can request to speak by clicking the hand icon. You can also open the chat of any video / audio channel by clicking the speech bubble.

Text Channels

These channels have a # symbol. In addition to the stage channels, there will be text channels where you can engage in written discussions and share resources.

Audio Channels

These channels have a speaker symbol. When we have advisor group meetings we have real-time conversation, you can join the audio channels where you can voice and video chat with other participants.

πŸ’‘ Top Tip:

On the lower mid part of the screen you have options. Click the video icon to share your video. Click the screen with an arrow in it to share screen. Click the microphone to mute or change your microphone and click the red phone icon to disconnect from the channel.

By utilizing these features, you can actively participate and engage with other AIXR members during group events.

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