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Finding a mentor on the AIXR platform
Finding a mentor on the AIXR platform

It's easy to get expert advice and insight on your career, product or business in the metaverse industry.

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Are you looking for guidance in your career or product development? AIXR offers mentorship opportunities through its Advisor Status Members, who are vetted by AIXR and meet regularly in monthly groups to discuss industry trends and topics.

Advisor Status Members can provide unique insights into specific topic areas and are open to mentorship opportunities.

Finding a mentor

To find and connect with Advisor Status Members, you can browse groups on the AIXR platform. Pro members have the option to request a direct connection.

Navigate to: Dashboard > Groups

When you connect with an Advisor Status Member, you can seek guidance and advice on topics related to your career or product development. Whether you need help with your next career move, or want to improve your product strategy, an Advisor Status Member can provide the guidance you need.

Types of mentorship

AIXR offers mentorship opportunities for both career and product advice, so you can choose the area that best suits your needs. If you're interested in becoming an Advisor Status Member, you can apply to join and have regular updates from other advisors and provide your own insights to others.

Please note: Future updates to AIXR will allow you to track mentorship and message requests directly through the platform, for now, members need to connect their account to Discord to manage direct messaging.

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