Applying for jobs on AIXR

Apply directly with prospective employers advertising roles on the AIXR platform.

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AIXR offers a platform for members to find job opportunities in the immersive technology industry. You will apply directly with employers through their preferred communication tools.

Step 1. Ensure your account is connected to Discord:

  • To access all channels, including the job channels, make sure your AIXR account is connected to Discord. It's free to connect your account.

  • Look for postings in the career channels that match your skills and interests., AIXR provides a range of tags that make it easy to browse careers.

Step 2. Apply Directly with Employers

  • Ensure your AIXR profile is updated: Employers will often view your AIXR profile when considering your application. Make sure your profile is complete and up to date.

  • Apply directly with employers: Many job postings on AIXR will include instructions on how to apply. Follow these instructions carefully and apply directly with the employer.

New updates coming soon: AIXR is always working to improve the job search experience for members. Keep an eye out for new updates that will streamline the application process directly through the web app.

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