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Connecting your AIXR account with Discord
Connecting your AIXR account with Discord

Quick steps to unlock community chat and forums on AIXR by integrating your Discord account with the AIXR platform.

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It's easy to connect your AIXR account with Discord.

By connecting the two platforms, you can enhance your online experience, join the AIXR server, and gain access to specific channels. Follow the simple steps below to achieve this:


1. Sign into the AIXR Platform

First, ensure you are signed in to your AIXR account. Navigate to to login.

If you're not registered yet, you may need to sign up for an account first.

Please note: AIXR is currently invitation only. Only users who have been invited to create an AIXR account will have access to the platform.

2. Access the Dashboard and Locate the Discord Option

Once you're on the AIXR dashboard:

  • Navigate to the top of the dashboard.

  • Locate and click on the "connect Discord" button.

3. Ensure You're Logging into the Correct Discord Account

If you're already logged into a Discord account in the same browser, the system might automatically choose it. However, if it's not the account you wish to connect you may need to login to Discord again or "Add an account".

4. Authorize the Connection Between AIXR and Discord

Once you're logged in with the correct Discord account:

  • You will be prompted to "Authorize" the connection between AIXR and Discord.

  • Click on "Authorize". This step is crucial as it permits AIXR to join the server on your behalf and also grants you access to specific channels within the server.

5. Completion

That's it! Your AIXR account is now connected to your Discord account.

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