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Creating and Posting Job Listings on the AIXR Platform
Creating and Posting Job Listings on the AIXR Platform

Find talent easier by posting an open position on AIXR

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Looking for talented and qualified individuals to join your team? The AIXR Platform has a job board feature that allows you to post job listings to reach out to potential candidates.

Here are some helpful tips to help you get started with creating and posting job listings on the AIXR platform:

Step 1. Connect your AIXR account to Discord

To get full access to all channels, including the jobs channels you need to ensure you AIXR account is securely linked to your discord account. It's easy and free to connect your account.

When you first join the server you may need to accept the server terms and conditions. Further instructions on linking your account are available here.

Step 2. Browse and Post directly on Discord

Navigate to the Jobs Channel using the left hand side menu. This channel has been setup as a forum so you can take advantage of the various tags available to easily browse through relevant careers.

From here you can post a job directly, and use the correct tags to allow people to easily see it. Job seekers will apply directly through the contact details you provide.

Please note: During the beta phase, all member tiers can post jobs to the board for free. However, this may change in the future.

AIXR automatically moderates and removes jobs over time to ensure that only available positions are displayed. If you are a free or recently new member, AIXR may flag your job posting for review. This process usually takes 1-2 working days.

Step 3 Go Further

  • Highlight you are hiring: AIXR members with a teams subscription can highlight that they are hiring directly from the AIXR platform. Go to your company profile, click edit and select currently hiring.

  • Review the responding to applicants guide: Posting a job is only step one, research shows the quicker you respond to applicants the better success rate you have and employing them

  • Review the applying for jobs guide: Understanding how an applicant goes through the process with AIXR will allow you to better understand the entire process.

The future: AIXR is constantly developing new features to improve the platform's functionality. Powerful native tools that allow members to post and browse careers directly from the AIXR platform are currently being mapped and planned on our roadmap.

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