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Becoming a mentor on the AIXR Platform
Becoming a mentor on the AIXR Platform

Provide your expertise to other members of the community

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As a member of the AIXR community, you have access to a network of experienced professionals who are willing to offer their expertise and guidance as mentors.

Applying to be an advisor status member

These mentors are known as Advisor Status Members, and they play an important role in helping other members to grow and develop their skills.

To become an Advisor Status Member, you must go through a vetting process with AIXR, which will ensure that you meet the requirements and have the necessary expertise in a specific area. Once you have been approved, you will have access to monthly groups you they discuss trends and topics with other Advisor Status Members.

Among some of the perks Advisor Status Members Receive...

  • Access to advisor only monthly meetings

  • Opportunity to be an recognised mentor on the AIXR platform

  • Automatic approval for the AIXR 3rd party trainer program

  • Invitations to speak on AIXR insights webinars

  • Priority access to beta features and platform updates

You must apply to be an Advisor Status Member: AIXR Pro or teams members will have an unlocked option from group pages to apply to the advisor status program.

Types of mentorship

There are various types of mentorship available, such as career advice and product advice. Whatever your area of expertise, there are many people within the AIXR community who are looking for guidance, and you can help them reach their full potential.

  • Career advice: can be anything from offering guidance on how to progress in a certain field, to offering general job search tips and advice on how to build a strong professional network.

  • Product advice: involves providing insights and knowledge on specific products, tools, or technologies related to the XR industry. This could include sharing insights on development best practices, tips for working with certain software tools, or recommendations for hardware and equipment.

Ultimately, the type of mentorship you provide as an Advisor Status member will depend on your own skills, expertise, and experience in the XR industry, as well as the needs and interests of the mentee.

Please note: AIXR is currently developing updates that will allow you to track mentorship and message requests directly through the platform. Currently, members need to connect their account to Discord to manage direct messaging.

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