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Accessing and using discussion forums for an AIXR course
Accessing and using discussion forums for an AIXR course

How to get deeper understanding around course content

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Please note: AIXR currently does not offer the ability to participate in course discussions directly through the platform. However, members who have connected their account to Discord can access specific channels where they can ask questions and discuss course material with other learners.

Using Discord for expert discussion

Please first ensure you are logged into the AIXR platform and have your account Linkedin via discord. If you are uncertain on how to do this please follow our connection guide.

  • Join a group from the AIXR platform, and this will unlock the industry area of interest in Discord for you to speak to experts. By engaging with experts and other learners in the Discord community, you can get a deeper understanding around course content and have a platform to discuss and exchange ideas.

Connect directly with instructors

In addition, members can also connect with the course instructors who are on the platform to message them directly and get further clarification on course material or ask any questions they may have.

  • Click on the trainers profile from the course page to view their profile. Pro Members can then request an introduction directly from the profile.

In the future, AIXR is planning to roll out linked discussion and community feed items directly on the platform. These features are currently scheduled in the roadmap and feedback from members is encouraged.

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