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Accessing and using course certifications:
Accessing and using course certifications:

Learn how to access and download your AIXR course certifications to showcase your skills and knowledge in the metaverse.

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Important: You must be an AIXR Pro or Teams member in order to receive access to course certifications. Please upgrade your account subscription in order to enable this feature.

Certificates can be used to showcase your skills and knowledge to potential employers, and can be added to your LinkedIn profile manually or automatically.

After completing an AIXR course, you will receive a certification of completion. This certification will be available to you immediately upon successfully completing the course.

Accessing a certification

To download a certificate from a course on AIXR, you need to complete the assessment at the end of the module. Once you have successfully completed the assessment, your certificate will be available for download.

Your certificate will be emailed as a link to download once you have completed or be available from the completed screen on the course.

You can also access your certificate from your AIXR profile, where it will be displayed automatically on completion of the module. If you don't want to display the certificate on your profile, you can change the visibility settings.

Using your certification

AIXR offers an option to add your certification to your LinkedIn profile. You can do this automatically upon completion of the course

Keep in mind that while AIXR automatically displays your certification on your AIXR profile, you can choose to hide it from public view if you prefer.

Information: For more information on using your certification please visit our help article on: Sharing your AIXR certification with potential employers

If you encounter any issues accessing or downloading your certification, please contact AIXR support for assistance.

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