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Sharing your AIXR certification with potential employers
Sharing your AIXR certification with potential employers

Increase your chances of employment by showcasing your skills and knowledge.

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AIXR certificates are a mark of your knowledge and skills in specific industry areas. They allow you to showcase your competency in a given area of interest to potential employers. This will give you an edge over your peers in the job market.

To learn more about the benefits of AIXR certificates you should read our help article on what earning certificates can mean to you and your career.

Please note: Certificates are only available for download for AIXR members on a pro or teams subscription, you must upgrade your account in order to display certificates.

How you will receive your certificate:

After successfully completing an assessment at the end of a module, you will receive your certificate via email. Make sure to keep this certificate safe, as it is your proof of certification.

Downloading your certificate

To download your certificate, simply click the link provided in the email. From there, you can download the certificate as a PDF file.

Adding your certificate to LinkedIn:

Adding your AIXR certificate to your LinkedIn profile helps showcase your skills and achievements to potential employers and colleagues. It allows them to quickly see that you have completed a course and have the necessary knowledge and expertise in a specific area.

You can add your AIXR certificate to your LinkedIn profile in two ways:

  • Automatically: Firstly, you can do this automatically by clicking the "Add to LinkedIn" button in either your email or course completion page . Alternatively, you can do this manually by adding the certificate to your profile as an attachment.

  • Manually: By showcasing your AIXR certification, you can increase your chances of being noticed by potential employers and demonstrating your value to your industry.

Displaying your achievements / certificates on AIXR

By default, certificates are displayed automatically on your profile when you complete a course, but you have the option to make them visible or invisible to others.

This flexibility allows you to customize your profile to reflect your preferences and showcase your achievements in a way that works best for you.

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