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Understanding and using platform notifications
Understanding and using platform notifications

Keep you and your team informed about important updates and activities on the platform

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Notifications can help you stay up to date with important information and activity on the AIXR platform. Notifications are sent to your registered email address, so be sure to keep your email address up to date in your account settings.

In this article, we'll cover what types of notifications you can expect to receive and how to manage them.

Types of Notifications:

There are several types of notifications you may receive on the AIXR platform:

  • System notifications: These are generated by the platform itself and include important updates, maintenance notices, and other system-related announcements.

  • Personal notifications: These are notifications related to your account and activity on the platform, such as when someone sends you a message or when your certification is about to expire.

  • Introduction Requests: When a member chooses to connect with you, AIXR will reach out and offer to connect you. You'll have the chance to decline the introduction.

  • Group notifications: If you are a member of a group or team on the platform, you may receive notifications related to that group or team, such as when a new team member joins or when a team member completes a certification.

Team Admin Notifications

  • Team activities: Stay updated on your team's activities, such as new certifications earned or courses completed.

  • User activity: Get notified when team members complete courses, earn certifications, or participate in platform activities.

Managing Notifications:

AIXR is currently developing a suite of notification tools and settings to help our members to better manage the notifications they receive. Check out our roadmap to see when these features will be available.

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