As an AIXR team account administrator, you have the ability to assign and manage both free and pro seats for your team members. Here is some helpful information about how free and pro seats work:

🌿 Free seats:

  • A free seat is a user that you can manage in relation to your workplace, and will have partial access to tools on AIXR.

  • Free seats are a great way to invite team members who only need occasional access to the platform or who do not require full access to the platform.

  • A free seat user cannot access all certification courses and other platform features.

🌟 Pro seats:

  • A pro seat is a licensed seat that provides unlimited access to the entire AIXR platform.

  • Pro seats are perfect for team members who require full access to all resources and tools.

  • Each pro seat can be assigned to one team member at a time and can be transferred to another team member if needed.

How to manage seats:

  1. To manage seats, simply click the settings cog in the top right hand corner of your account and click on "manage team."

  2. From there, you can assign seats to team members and adjust your team's seat allocation as needed.

  3. You can also invite team members as needed.

By using both free and pro seats effectively, you can ensure that your team members have the access they need to the AIXR platform while managing your team's subscription costs.

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