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Why Isn't My Favorite XR Game or Project Nominated at the XR Awards?
Why Isn't My Favorite XR Game or Project Nominated at the XR Awards?

Understand the accepted release window for the XR Awards

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We get it – it can be perplexing when certain beloved games or projects don't appear in the XR Awards nominations. Here's a bit more insight into our selection process:

  1. Release Timing is Crucial: Let's say the XR Awards ceremony is happening in 2025. In that case, we're looking at games and projects released during a specific 12-month window leading up to the 2025 ceremony.

    For example: only those launched between August 2024 and August 2025 would be considered. So, if your favorite game dropped in July 2024, it won't be in the running for the 2025 awards.

  2. Accurate Information Makes a Difference: Imagine a developer made an amazing game but forgot to send us all the details or sent them late. Even if the game is award-worthy, we might miss it in our nominations if we don't have the right information on time.

We're driven by the enthusiasm and passion of the XR community. If you're passionate about a project you want to see at the XR Awards, please reach out to the developer to encourage them to send us their details!

Together, let's highlight and celebrate the best in XR!

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