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Changes to AIXR terms and conditions on August 1st 2023
Changes to AIXR terms and conditions on August 1st 2023

A quick, friendly rundown of what these changes mean for you and your membership.

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Please note: Pricing changes, seat based pricing and support levels do not apply to members who joined before May 1st 2023. They will instead automatically be moved to a Founders Membership to largely retain the same level of service and perks.

With our organization transitioning from a purely membership based service to a community platform for emerging technology there are some critical changes our members should be aware of.

This article has been created to guide you through these changes. You can view the full terms of service on our website.

At a glance (After August 1st 2023):

  • Your membership is now held with AIXR LTD (UK Company number 14982097.)

  • If you had a membership prior to May 1st 2023 you will now be on a founders membership.

  • There are new community guidelines that you will need to adhere to.

  • You are not able to request a refund for a membership after it has renewed

1. New Management, Same Great Service

Don't worry, we're not going anywhere! We're just moving the management of your membership and data from the Academy of International Extended Reality (Company number 11814723) to a new UK registered company, AIXR LTD (Company number 14982097). But rest assured, you should not notice any difference in our services or offerings.

2. Who Can Join Our Community?

If you're 16 or older, you're welcome to create an account with us. You can opt for an Individual account, which comes in two flavors - Free and Professional. If you're part of a company and want to invite your teammates to AIXR, you can set up a Teams account. Remember, the person setting up the team is in charge of the bill!

Please note: If you were a member with us prior to May 1st 2023 you will automatically be moved to a professional or teams account under the Founders Membership.

3. Play Nice and Share Responsibly

We're retiring our code of conduct in favour for a new set of Community Guidelines, which lay out what we expect in terms of user behavior. Please continue to play nice! If you're sharing content, just remember that while you still own it, you're giving us permission to use it to make the platform better.

4. Respect Others' Work

All the content you see on our platform is owned by us, the people who created it, or our licensors. Please respect that. Don't copy or use someone else's work without their permission.

5. Your Data is Important to Us

We take your privacy seriously. We collect, use, and share your data according to a new Privacy Policy that is now held with AIXR LTD. By using our platform, you're saying that's okay with you.

Remember AIXR is based and operates within the United Kingdom but sometimes our data is stored and transferred outside of the UK.

6. About Your Subscription

We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions that renew automatically. If you ever want to cancel, you can do it anytime through the platform. Just make sure you do it before your renewal date to avoid being charged for the next period as no refunds can be issued retrospectively.

Please note: If you were a member with us prior to May 1st 2023 and make changes to your subscription billing cycle, your subscription payment fails or you cancel your membership you will lose your Founders Membership.

7. One Account per User, Please!

Sharing might be caring, but not when it comes to your AIXR account. Please keep your login details to yourself. And remember, we all need to use the platform responsibly to ensure it runs smoothly for everyone.

If you are on a teams membership, you will be able to invite users, free or pro to join your team or company!

8. Need Help? We're Here For You

We're always striving to provide you with the best service possible, but we know sometimes things don't go according to plan. If you have a problem, start by reaching out to [email protected]. We'll do our best to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Remember, these are just the highlights. For the complete picture, be sure to read the full Terms of Service. Thanks for being part of our community!

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