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How to give us your valuable feedback and insight on your experience with our courses.

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When you complete a course on the AIXR platform, you will have the option to provide feedback. This feedback is invaluable in helping us improve our courses and create a better learning experience for our members.

If you do not see an option to provide feedback after completing a course, you can still send us your thoughts by clicking on the help icon at the top of the platform.

Tips to providing constructive feedback:

When giving feedback on a course, please be as specific as possible. Let us know if you found the course too long or too short, if you felt the content was too advanced or too basic, or if there were any technical issues that you encountered while taking the course.

  1. Be specific: Be clear about what aspects of the course you are providing feedback on. Mention specific examples or content from the course that you found helpful or unhelpful.

  2. Be objective: Try to provide feedback that is objective and fact-based rather than subjective or emotional. This will help the course provider to understand what changes they may need to make to improve the course.

  3. Be respectful: It's important to provide feedback in a respectful and professional manner. Avoid using language that is aggressive or accusatory, and focus on providing suggestions for improvement.

  4. Be actionable: Provide specific suggestions for improvement that the course provider can implement. This can help them to make concrete changes that will benefit future learners.

  5. Be timely: Provide feedback as soon as possible after completing the course, while the content is still fresh in your mind. This will help the course provider to address any issues more quickly and improve the course for future learners.

Example Feedback:

"I enjoyed the content in this course, but I found it to be quite long. It was difficult for me to stay focused for the entire duration, and I found myself losing interest towards the end. I think it would be helpful to break the content down into smaller, more manageable sections or provide more interactive activities to keep learners engaged."

Your feedback will be reviewed by our team, and we may reach out to you for additional information if necessary. We appreciate your input and look forward to continuing to improve our courses with your help.


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