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What is the fee for nominating at the XR Awards?
What is the fee for nominating at the XR Awards?

Fees and payment options for nominating at XR Awards

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Begin Your Entry to the 8th International XR Awards.

Open Nomination Fee: Starts at £250 + VAT

You may enter as many categories as you like; however, each entry will be treated as a separate entry and the entry fee must be paid for each category which you enter. Fees will increase as we progress through different nomination phases, concluding with a final deadline on June 18th.

Fee breakdown:


Entry Fees Until 13 May 2024

First Late Entry Fees on 14 May 2024

Second Late Entry Fees on 28 May 2024

Third Late Entry Fees on 12 June 2024

All Categories

£250 +VAT

£375 +VAT

£500 +VAT

£625 +VAT

Obsidian Award

£550 +VAT

£675 +VAT

£800 +VAT

£925 +VAT

XR Content Creator of the Year*





Offers & Support Available:

Discount For

Discount Amount


Submit 2 entries and receive your 3rd for free.

1 Complimentary Entry*

Until 1st Late Entry Fees deadline. Lowest cost entry discounted.

Independents, Students & Charities

15% Discount

Applicable on the standard entry fee

AIXR Members

30% Discount

Request your code at: [email protected]

AIXR Diversity Grant
*For up to 10 applicants.

100% Discount*

For more details check out here

*Special requirements are applied.

Fees Explained:

What do nomination fees go towards?

Your entry fee goes towards supporting the events numerous not-for-profit endeavours, which include nurturing new talent, inspiring audiences and celebrating our industry's innovation in VR, AR and immersive industries. Nomination fees are non-refundable.

Why do AIXR members receive a discount nomination?

AIXR members support the Academy's initiatives year-long. One discounted nomination is offered in addition to numerous other perks and support. Please visit our membership page If you'd like to find out more information about what is included.

Is there a discount for startups?

We do not offer a specific startup discount; however, we provide a 15% discount for independent creators, which may also apply to individual entrepreneurs and small startup operations. This discount is designed to support the diverse range of contributors within the XR community.

Is there a discount for Charities?

Yes, we provide a 15% discount to registered charities. To be applicable for this discount, the nomination must be submitted by the charity and be verifiably registered as a 501(c) organisation or provide a registered charity number (if based outside of the UK).

Learn more about all entry requirements

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