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Minimum Requirements for XR Content Creator of the Year
Minimum Requirements for XR Content Creator of the Year

Both hard and soft criteria for nomination. It also addresses changes from previous years and how to navigate the nomination process.

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The criteria for XR Content Creator of the Year have changed. This article aims to provide clear information on what's required for this year's nominations

Please note: These rules aren't retroactive—they don't apply to past winners or nominees but are applied ongoing from the 7th International XR Awards.

Hard Requirements

For eligibility in the XR Content Creator of the Year category, the following conditions must be met:

  • Subscribed Audience Size: A minimum of 60,000 subscribers is required. This excludes an audience on Instagram or X (Twitter) but does currently include Youtube, Spotify or Twitch. Future reviews are scheduled in order to consider social based platforms such as Discord & Tiktok.

  • Volume of Content: You must have published at least 100+ full-length content. (A full-length piece should be more than 10 minutes in duration, whether it’s video or audio.)

  • Educational Content: Your portfolio should include educational videos in addition to your regular content. (Content designed to instruct the audience in a useful way, whether it’s skill-building, industry insights, or tutorials.)

    • The Academy has a 2030 goal to support more people getting into XR related careers, and to build a positive and useful understanding of XR technology beyond gaming. Content creators have the biggest impact on public perception and interests.

Soft Requirements

While not strictly mandatory, these attributes positively impact your nomination:

  • XR Focused Content: We prioritize content creators who are exclusively focused on publishing XR related content.

  • Social/Follower Growth: Year-over-year growth on social media platforms.

  • Community Engagement: Metrics like comments, likes, and shares are taken into account.

  • Content Sensitivity: Content should be respectful and not derogatory or insensitive.

  • Community Contribution: Efforts toward growing and nurturing the XR community are noted.

  • Inspiration Factor: Ability to inspire others through your work is a plus.

Who Nominates?

Important: Neither AIXR nor the XR Awards handle VR Content Creator of the year nominations directly.

Media partners put forward nominations, and self-nominations are also accepted as long as all criteria are met.

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