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What are the VR Awards?
What are the VR Awards?

About the International VR Awards

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Hosted by AIXR the VR Awards is an independent, not-for-profit academy funded solely by its awards activities and supplementary funding/resource from AIXR.

The VR Awards celebrates outstanding achievements in the virtual reality industry, and attendees include some of the biggest names in VR and offers a night of entertainment and celebration, looking back on the previous year of achievement.

History and Purpose

The VR Awards, hosted by AIXR, is an annual event celebrating outstanding achievements in the virtual reality industry.

It was launched on October 9 2017, with its inaugural event held at London's 8 Northumberland Avenue. The awards were designed to showcase standout achievements in VR over the last year and to celebrate the passionate and dedicated teams focused on bringing the best in VR and building a foundation for VR to grow for many years to come1.

It was founded on the principles of a continuing initiative that supports innovators, creatives, thinkers, disruptors, doers, and dreamers exploring the future of VR, AR, and MR, contributing to the growth of the VR industry​.

Hosting Body: AIXR

AIXR is an innovative platform transforming the emerging tech economy by offering comprehensive education, networking, and talent solutions in the AI, Web3, and XR industries. By connecting professionals and providing curated content, AIXR empowers users to thrive in the digital world​​.

AIXR is dedicated to supporting tech innovators and enthusiasts by providing educational resources, fostering collaboration, and connecting talent with opportunities. In addition, AIXR nurtures the growth of the industry by offering educational content, networking events, and access to thought leaders in the space.

With its roots in immersive technology, AIXR hosts the VR Awards and builds a community with innovators in the space with the goal of making a lasting impact on the future of technology economies.

Upcoming Event Details

The VR Awards take place annually, with the 7th International VR Awards scheduled for November 30, 2023, in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Nominations are open to the public and accepted through the International VR Awards website. The event promises an exquisite experience for attendees and participants, as it celebrates the best VR experiences, creators, and companies globally​.

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