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Why do the VR Awards use weighted questions?
Why do the VR Awards use weighted questions?

Full information on the voting system behind the VR Awards

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The VR Awards aims to be an open and transparent award ceremony. We believe every nominee should have a full understanding of how their nomination is judged and scored.

Please note: You can view information on the voting rounds here

The VR Awards has recently introduced a new weighting system for its questions, designed to help nominees manage their time and resources more effectively and to guide judges in their evaluations. In this article, we will discuss the concept of weighting, why it has been implemented, and how it affects the awards process.

What is weighting?

Weighting refers to the process of assigning different values or percentages to specific questions, based on their importance or relevance within the judging criteria. In the context of the VR Awards, weighting is applied to questions to reflect their significance and to ensure that both nominees and judges focus on the most critical aspects of the submissions.

Why has The VR Awards introduced weighting?

The VR Awards introduced weighting for several reasons:

  1. To help nominees allocate their time and resources effectively: By providing clear guidelines on the importance of each question, nominees can prioritize their efforts on high-weight questions, ensuring they submit the most compelling and relevant information.

  2. To steer judges in their evaluations: Weighting allows judges to focus on the most critical aspects of each submission, ensuring a more consistent and fair evaluation process across all entries.

  3. To improve the overall quality of submissions: By emphasizing the most important criteria, the weighting system encourages nominees to submit high-quality entries that address the key aspects of the awards.

How does the weighting system work?

The weighting system is based on character limits for each question. The higher the weight of a question, the more characters a nominee is allowed to use in their response. The following is a breakdown of the weighting tiers and their corresponding character limits:

Question Weight

Max Character Limit

1 - 5%


6 - 10%


11 - 15%


16 - 20%


21 - 25%




Where and when is weighting used?

Weighting is applied during the submission and evaluation process for The VR Awards. Nominees will encounter the weighting system when completing their award submission forms, while judges' scores will be weighted for each question when assessing and scoring the entries.

As a nominee, it's essential to pay close attention to the weighting of each question when preparing your submission. Allocate more time and resources to high-weight questions and ensure your responses address the most important aspects of the awards criteria.


The new weighting system introduced by Awards aims to enhance the quality and fairness of the awards process. By understanding the concept of weighting and its application, both nominees and judges can better navigate the awards process and contribute to a more consistent and meaningful evaluation of the entries.

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