AIXR is currently developing powerful tools that will allow you to integrate our enterprise learning tools with your existing HR and LMS systems. While this process is under development, we encourage you to check back soon for updates and more information.

Once this feature is available, it will allow you to seamlessly connect your AIXR training and certification programs to your HR and LMS systems, providing a unified and streamlined experience for your team.

This integration will provide more efficient tracking and management of your employees' progress and completion of AIXR courses, helping you to better understand your team's capabilities and identify areas for improvement.

We understand the importance of integrating with your existing systems, and we are committed to providing an optimal integration experience to enhance your organization's training and development efforts. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new feature!

Follow our roadmap: You can stay up-to-date with our progress directly from the AIXR roadmap, this way you can be the first to try and know when new features roll out.

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