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Nomination Questions - Location-Based VR Entertainment of the Year
Nomination Questions - Location-Based VR Entertainment of the Year

Overview of the nomination questions and word count for Location-Based VR Entertainment of the Year

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VR Location-Based Entertainment of the Year celebrates exceptional experiences that transport visitors to new realms of immersion, setting the bar for theme parks, cinemas, attractions, museums, and beyond. Nominated projects must demonstrate the effective use of cutting-edge technology to deliver user control, user movement, and innovative interactivity, with a particular focus on the user experience.

Judges will be assessing the nominees' capacity to captivate visitors through unique and enjoyable user experiences while prioritizing accessibility and originality. Nominees should showcase how they have researched, designed, and executed an exceptional location-based experience.

The award will also emphasize the originality of each experience and how it has been optimized to meet the demands of location-based environments.

Due to the nature of VR Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) projects, it may be challenging for all judges to experience each submission in person, as they are typically only available in specific physical locations.

As a result, judges may need to rely on alternative methods of evaluating these projects, such as video demonstrations, user feedback, and expert reviews, to fully understand their impact and effectiveness.

Conditions for this category

  • Designed and marketed specifically for location-based entertainment experiences

  • Nominations are accepted on behalf of clients or direct.

  • Released and made publicly available between 04 August 2022 - 03 August 2023

Submission Criteria

  • User experience

    • Control

    • User Movement

    • Interactivity

  • Innovative Features

  • Use and Quality of Graphics

  • Use and Quality of Audio

  • User Enjoyability

  • Originality

  • Accessibility

Character Counts

Question Weight

Max Character Limit

1 - 5%


6 - 10%


11 - 15%


16 - 20%


21 - 25%




Scored Submission Questions & Weightings

How do the project’s controls impact the overall user experience? Please provide specific examples of how control has contributed to the success of the LBE project.


How does user movement contribute to the overall user experience of the project? Please provide information on how user movement impacts the user experience.


How does the LBE project incorporate user interactivity to heighten the user experience?


What innovative features have been included, and how do they contribute to the project's overall success? Please provide examples of unique features or mechanics that set the project apart from others in its genre.


How do the graphics enhance the user experience? Please provide information on how the graphics contribute to the immersion and enjoyment of the experience.


How does the audio quality enhance the user experience? Please provide information on how the audio contributes to the immersion and enjoyment of the experience.


What makes the LBE project particularly enjoyable for users? Please discuss the elements of the experience that make it stand out and provide a positive user experience. Consider including reviews, feedback, or endorsements from industry experts, consumers, or other relevant stakeholders.


How original is the LBE project compared to others in its genre? Please provide information on the originality of the experience and discuss how this impacts its overall success.


How accessible is the LBE project to all users? Please discuss how the experience is accessible to users with different abilities or needs, and consider the impact of accessibility on the overall success of the project.


Additional Submission Questions/Materials (Not Scored)

  • Company Name

  • Project/Product Name

  • Project/Product Tagline

  • Project/Product Summary

  • Project Release Date

  • Written Judges statement (4,000 char max)

  • Judges Video (3 mins max)

    • The judge's video is your opportunity to address the judges directly. We suggest using this as an opportunity to summarise your submission, build a story/picture for our judges, and break down any complex information.

  • Product demo video

  • Can judges be given the opportunity to experience the project?

  • Supporting materials

    • Max 3x document uploads

    • Max 3x external links

    • Company logo/key art

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