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VR Experience of the Year award recognizes organizations that have created unique and innovative ways of engaging with content that do not fit within the traditional parameters of a game or film. They may allow users to explore and interact with virtual environments, create art, or simply experience new sensations.

While games and films have well-defined traditional parameters, VR experiences have a broader and more flexible definition that incorporates elements of both.

We seek to celebrate experiences that provide a truly immersive and engaging user experience, with a strong focus on innovative features, stunning graphics, and high-quality audio.

Our judges will evaluate each experience on a variety of factors, including user enjoyability, experience originality, motion comfort, and accessibility. We want to see experiences that push the boundaries of what's possible in virtual reality while remaining comfortable and accessible for a wide range of users.

Additionally, we will be paying close attention to the user experience and how well the experience is planned and executed. We want to see experiences that transport users to new and exciting worlds while providing an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

Conditions for this category

  • Cannot be location-based.*

  • Nominations are accepted on behalf of clients or direct.

  • Released between 04 August 2022 - 03 August 2023

  • Experiences must be made available for judging purposes

*Experiences that incorporate location-based interaction with the physical environment around the user are encouraged to nominate for Location-Based-Entertainment of the Year.

Submission Criteria

  • User Experience

    • Control

    • User Movement

    • User Interactivity

    • Motion Comfort

  • Innovative Features

  • Use and Quality of Graphics

  • Use and Quality of Audio

  • User Enjoyability

  • Experience Originality

  • Accessibility

Character Counts

Question Weight

Max Character Limit

1 - 5%


6 - 10%


11 - 15%


16 - 20%


21 - 25%




Scored Submission Questions & Weightings

How do the user controls contribute to the overall user experience? Please provide specific examples of how the controls have contributed to the success of the product.


How does user movement contribute to the overall user experience of the product? Please analyze how user movement impacts the product and user experience.


Please describe the interactive elements of this product and discuss how they heighten the user experience. Provide examples of how the interactive elements have contributed to the success of the product.


How well does the product address motion comfort for users? Please discuss how the product mitigates issues with motion sickness or discomfort.


What innovative features have been included, and how do they contribute to the overall success of the experience? Please provide examples of unique features or mechanics that set the experience apart from others in its category.


How do the graphics enhance the user experience? Please detail how the graphics contribute to the immersion and enjoyment of the experience.


How does the audio quality enhance the user experience? Please detail how the audio contributes to the immersion and enjoyment of the experience.


What makes the experience particularly enjoyable for users? Please discuss the elements of the product that make it stand out and provide a positive user experience.


How original is the experience compared to others in its category? Please analyze the originality of the experience and discuss how this impacts its overall success.


How accessible is the experience to all users? Please discuss how the product is designed to be accessible to users with different abilities or needs, and consider the impact of accessibility on the overall success of the product.


Additional Submission Questions/Materials (Not Scored)

  • Company Name

  • Project/Product Name

  • Project/Product Tagline

  • Project/Product Summary

  • Project Release Date

  • Project Access

  • Written Judges statement (4,000 char max)

  • Judges Video (3 mins max)

    • The judge's video is your opportunity to address the judges directly. We suggest using this as an opportunity to summarise your submission, build a story/picture for our judges, and break down any complex information.

  • Supporting materials

    • Max 3x document uploads

    • Max 3x external links

    • Company logo/key art

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