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Nomination Questions - VR Marketing Campaign of the Year
Nomination Questions - VR Marketing Campaign of the Year

Overview of the nomination questions and word count for VR Marketing Campaign of the Year

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VR Marketing Campaign of the Year celebrates the brands and products that have utilized virtual reality's unique ability to reach new demographics in increasingly creative ways. Nominees for this award must demonstrate an example of a successful marketing campaign that pushed industry or technological boundaries, identifying an issue or problem and leveraging VR technology to provide an innovative solution.

Judges will evaluate each project based on the creativity, originality of Strategy, storytelling and messaging, range of platforms, and audience engagement exemplified in the campaign. Additionally, factors such as return on investment (ROI), research undertaken, and key results and statistics will be taken into account.

Nominees for this award have showcased an outstanding use of VR technology to create an immersive and engaging experience for their audiences while delivering an impactful message.

Conditions for this category

  • Campaign launched between 04 August 2022 - 03 August 2023

  • Nominations are accepted on behalf of clients or direct.

  • Marketing campaigns must incorporate the use of VR Technology

  • Marketing campaigns that promote VR but do not incorporate the use of VR are not eligible

This category also encompasses and accepts VR games, films, and experiences that have been created specifically to market a brand, product or service.

Submission Criteria

  • Strategy

    • Identifying a problem/need

    • Research & planning undertaken

    • Key objectives

  • The Solution

    • Originality & Creativity

    • Innovation

    • Production Quality

    • Delivery

    • User interactivity

    • Storytelling/Messaging

    • Accessibility

  • Results

    • Milestones

    • Achievements

    • Key results & Return on investment (ROI)

Character Counts

Question Weight

Max Character Limit

1 - 5%


6 - 10%


11 - 15%


16 - 20%


21 - 25%




Scored Submission Questions & Weightings

What specific problem or need was identified by your project/organization? Please provide details on how the problem/need was identified


What research and planning activities did you undertake to address the identified problem or need? Discuss how these activities informed the development of your project and what were the key findings of your research and planning.


What were the key objectives of the marketing campaign? Please provide detail of how these objectives aligned with the identified problem or need.


What makes your marketing campaign unique? Discuss how your campaign differs from other projects in this category and the creative approaches used to address the identified problem/need


What innovative strategies or technologies did you use to achieve your objectives? Discuss how these strategies or technologies contributed to the success of your campaign.


Please detail the production elements of this project and how they contributed to user experience. Include details on the audio and graphics of the project.


How was your campaign delivered to the target audience or community? What delivery methods were used and how effective were they?


Please detail the interactive elements of the marketing campaign and to what extent they encourage user engagement and participation.


How did the marketing campaign effectively convey storytelling and/or a message to its target audience, and what impact did it have?


How accessible is the campaign to all viewers? Please discuss how the campaign is designed to be accessible to its target audience with different abilities or needs, and consider the impact of accessibility on the overall success of the campaign.


What milestones were reached throughout the marketing campaign, and how did they contribute to the overall success of the project?


What achievements were made throughout the campaign? - What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?


Detail the key results of the marketing campaign in terms of its return on investment and its impact on the identified problem/need


Additional Submission Questions/Materials (Not Scored)

  • Company Name

  • Project/Product Name

  • Project/Product Tagline

  • Project/Product Summary

  • Project Release Date

  • Written Judges statement (4,000 char max)

  • Judges Video (3 mins max)

    • The judge's video is your opportunity to address the judges directly. We suggest using this as an opportunity to summarise your submission, build a story/picture for our judges, and break down any complex information.

  • Project Access

  • Supporting materials

    • Max 3x document uploads

    • Max 3x external links

    • Company logo/key art

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